Say so long to these three nutrition and wellness trends for 2018!

2017 was a big year in nutrition and wellness. The big hits of the year were unicorn frappes, exercise apps, and drinks on tap.  Take a look at which of the 2017 wellness trends will stand the test of time and which will be tossed out with yesterday’s trash before the year is over.

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Solo exercise

Say goodbye to solo apps and lone jaunts on the treadmill.  Fun runs, group classes, and exercise socials are on their way in.  Due to having so little free time people are yearning for a face-to-face connection and to add some social fun to their workouts.  

Brightly coloured/sprinkled foods

Unicorn and rainbow foods are out! While these flash in the pan fads were hugely popular in 2017 but I don’t see them returning for 2018.  Front and centre are going to be the bright hues of nature. Beet juice, blueberries, sweet potatoes, and spinach will be colouring the next popular drink. 

Coconut water

With the ever-growing reach towards sustainability, coconut water has come under a watchful eye. North Americans are questioning the preservatives, pesticides, and packaging of the coconuts.  Look instead towards maple, artichoke, or barley waters for a refreshing post-exercise drink without the calories.  

Say so long to these three nutrition and wellness trends for 2018!

Four 2017 wellness trends that are sticking around for ‘18

Healing spices and herbs

Turmeric is where it’s at these days.  You’ll find it in tea, milk, baked goods and stews, and it’s not going anywhere soon.  The fantastic anti-inflammatory and protective qualities of this beautiful spice are too good to give up.  


Kombucha has been gathering a steady following for a few years now.  It’s a fermented, fizzy drink that is good for your gut and comes loaded with great ingredients.  Look out for DIY kits to brew your own at home, or scoby-trading parties with ‘buch loving friends.  

Maintaining a healthy microbiome

Microbiome is a relatively new buzzword, and you’ll want to know it.  Basically, keeping your microbiome in good shape means boosting your immune and digestive systems so viruses and bacteria have a really hard time getting inside.  Do this by lowering sugar and increasing fermented food and drinks (kombucha!) to keep things clean and healthy.

Specialized food delivery

You can get whatever you want to eat delivered to your door.  Obscure ingredients? Sushi from that place that’s all the way across town? Want to cook a 3-course meal? You can have it all ASAP! Keep an eye on emerging new apps and services in your area, but don’t pin all your hopes on one, it’s best to spread your dollars out across a few to get a customized experience.  

Which 2017 wellness trends did you love? Which ones are you happy to see gone?

Say so long to these three nutrition and wellness trends for 2018!