5 Tips to Get You Back on Track After a Long Weekend

Do you suffer from “I’ll start again on Monday” syndrome? You’re all set up for success during the week and one office birthday cake, movie night, or drive-thru with the kids and you feel like all your good intentions are for naught.  Or maybe you have a busy week of social plans and parties, and it’s all catching up to you. You’re feeling sad, defeated, and like you failed yet again. Mourn not! I have 5 tips to get you back to feeling your best and back on the wagon of healthy eating.  

Drink all the water

If you’ve been too busy to eat right, you’ve probably been too busy to drink water too.  Go now and get a glass of water and drink it all, see how much better it makes you feel.

Eat lightly

Now, this doesn’t mean to skip s meal or a day of meals just because you feel like you’ve overindulged.  It means to eat foods that are light and make you feel good. This will help reset your brain from craving those heavy or sugary foods you’ve been eating and remind your stomach that veggies feel good too! One thing though – this doesn’t mean a huge salad with tons of raw vegetables.  They can be hard to digest if your stomach isn’t used to it. A veggie power bowl (recipe in the 14-Day Fresh Start), an omelet with mushrooms and peppers, or roasted chicken/turkey with steamed veg and brown rice are going to be nice light meals to get you feeling good again. Soups and smoothies are great for this too. (Smoothie recipe)


Move your body (gently)

Today is not the day for Crossfit or to run a 10k.  Today is a day for walking, yoga, light weights, or swimming. Even if it’s the last thing you want to do today, move your butt.  It will serve two purposes. Exercise released endorphins that will start to boost your mood and your energy level. Getting your brain to feel awake and alert is half the battle today, so take what help you can get! Secondly, moving your body gently stimulates your organs.  Is your liver a little under the weather from the excess of the past few weeks? Gentle movement increases blood flow to your vital organs like your heart, brain, liver, and digestive system. Heavy, rich, and sugary foods can cause constipation because your digestive system isn’t working at peak efficiency. Forcing the blood to move around your body will get things moving nicely in no time.

Take some Vitamin C and drink peppermint tea

Vitamin C is an antioxidant.  That means it helps your body fight oxidation from too much alcohol, heavy foods, and sugar.  These foods make your cells oxidize and dump that oxidization into your bloodstream. Antioxidants grab on to that oxidation (another word for rust!) and move it out of your body.  I really like the powdered mixes that contain electrolytes and other nutrients as a good vitamin boost in the morning after a long weekend.


Give yourself a break!

First off, you’re awesome, don’t think you’re not.  You’re out there every day, hustling and working your butt off to reach your goals.  So what if you grabbed a donut off the breakfast table this morning? If you get a scratch in your car, do you throw the whole thing away? Of course not! You recognize it and move past it.


Don’t let a fun night out or a long weekend of indulgences knock you off your healthy lifestyle.  A life without fun is not worth living. So have your fun, and then come back to these 5 tips to reset and renew instead of relegating this to another failed attempt at living a healthy life.  


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