Stressed out by too many people? Try these 7 tips to recharge and restore your balance

Wellness For Introverts: 7 Tips To Calm Your Mind & Recharge Your Batteries

Stressed out by too many people? Try these 7 tips to recharge and restore your balance

Are you an introvert or an extrovert? These two personality traits are often a spectrum rather than a clear-cut one or the other, but generally, everyone identifies as one or the other. Take this quiz to find out, and come back for some tips on how to manage wellness for introverts. Extroverts coming up in the next post!

What is an Introvert?

Introverts are often thought of as shy wallflowers, I’ve been told I’m shy all my life. Truthfully though, introversion goes far deeper than that. If you think of yourself as a battery, introverts get drained very quickly by outside stimulus. They give out their energy in social situations. Big parties, business meetings, and even grocery shopping can be a draining experience because they have to constantly be ‘on’. Wellness for introverts focuses on solo endeavours, quiet time, and purposeful movement. It doesn’t mean they don’t like being social or even going to parties, it simply means that introverts need time away from that stimulus to re-centre and recharge themselves.

What Does an Introvert Need To Recharge?

Quiet time

When an introvert feels overwhelmed they need time to themselves. They need time to quiet their brains and bring their focus back inwards.

Focusing work

Introverts often need a creative outlet. Something that is focusing like knitting, drawing, baking, or even colouring is very helpful for an introvert that is feeling overwhelmed or out of balance.

Small groups

Contrary to what many people think of introverts, they often thrive in small group settings. A dinner or event with a close group of friends is often the perfect thing to counterbalance big social settings. This goes for fitness as well. A small yoga or spinning class that meets regularly would be perfect for an introvert. They are able to get to know the other members of the class, and feel more secure and focused in a more intimate setting.

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Blanket burrito

This is probably true for extroverts too, but when life gets really overwhelming, I often crawl into a blanket burrito and stay there until I feel better. Being in that space where no one wants anything from me, I can stop my mind from racing and bring myself back to centre.

What Does Wellness For Introverts mean?

Solo exercise

If small-group exercise isn’t your thing, solo endeavours like running, biking, walking, or weight lifting are terrific ways for introverts to move their bodies. Put on a big pair of headphones for the universal ‘leave me alone’ signal and you’re good to go.

Meditation and mindful movement

Since introverts need that quiet re-focusing activity, meditation is perfect for them. It quiets both body and mind while centring your focus and eliminating outside stimuli. The same goes for mindful movement. Truly being present in whatever movement you choose will have the same benefits as meditation.


For me, cooking and baking are almost like meditation. They require a good deal of focus and attention, and I always feel more energized after I’ve had some time in the kitchen. Any other hobby that does the same for you is perfect, but I highly recommend cooking, you get to eat your results! I always feel better after I prepare and eat really grounding foods like root vegetables.  I love to peel, chop, and roast a big pan (or 2 pans!) of beets, sweet potatoes, carrots, and parsnips and mix them up with warm spices and ginger to really connect back to myself and calm my racing mind.

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If you’re an introvert, let the people around you know when you’re feeling overwhelmed or drained. Keep up that communication and let them know what you need, whether it’s time in a blanket burrito, an hour at the gym, or a few solo hours to cook up a storm. Same goes if you have an introvert in your life. Ask them what they need from you. Protect yourself from energy vampires. These are people who, after you talk to them, you feel like you’ve just run a 5k. They suck the life right out of you. Avoid at all costs as they are particularly damaging for introverts. Taking care of yourself and protecting your need for quiet and space is never rude or antisocial, it’s what you need to feel your best. Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise!


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